Friday, March 07, 2008

From Which All Circles (Poetry)

Love is impartial, like the nurturing earth, showing tenderness to both the hardened rock and the diamond…
Love is unselfish, as brilliant as a galaxy of stars, shining unto itself but never once seeing its own radiance…
Love is honest, both the language of ancient truth and infant curiosity, speaking in simple yet profound discovery…
Love is God, whose very act of loving is the force from which all of life circles,
orbiting the reflection of the Beloved and the Beloved.

Lynn Mari, ©2006

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mc Ilwan/Mc Clwain Family (Dallas Co, AL)

I really need help researching this family line, if you are kin or have any additional information please leave a comment or e-mail me. Thanks!
I also want to acknowledge my cousin for sharing family stories, and extending the warmth of your memories to me. I am left with a feeling of warmth from the pride and love evident in every word you speak about your children. God Bless!

Family of Henry and Alice (“Allie”) Mc Clwain: 1900
Valley Creek, Alabama

Henry Mc Clwain, 35
Alice Mc Clwain, 34
Pink “, 14
Alberta “, 15
Delhi “, 8
Mattie “, 5
Mary “, 4
Ada “, 3
Narca “, 2
Babe “, 1
Mealy Mc Clwain, 60
Lucy Morre, 50

Family of Henry and Alice (“Allie) McIlwan: 1910
Selma, Alabama

Henry McIlwan, 47
Alice “, 46
Delhi “, 19
Elline “, 15
Isabel “, 13
Geneva “, 11
Arnette “, 10
Elinera “, 6
Mrs. (Should be “Mr.”) Wess Martin, son-on-law, 29 *close cousin or ??
Alberta Martin, 20, daughter *cousin by marriage
Mary Gasdner, 27 (widow, boarder)
Lucy McIlwan (aunt, widow), 58

Family of Mat and Alberta Marter (Martin): 1920
Selma, Alabama

Union Street

Mat Marter, 28 * close cousin or??
Alberta “, 27 *cousin by marriage
Malachi “, 10
Rosa M. “, 7
Sanlphus (Adolphus?) “, 5
CD “, 4
Adabel “, 2
Clarene “, 3 months
Allie (Alice) Mc Ilwan, mother, 47
Elvin Gelbert, 21, sister
Robert Gelbert, 50, son-in-law
Deli Mc Thwan (Mc Ilwan), son, 20
Stan Icy Tout, nephew, 18

Note: I have found census records, in two different databases, for both Mat Marter (Martin) and West/Wes Martin. Family knowledge records the correct name of Aunt Alberta’s husband as being Wes. I am looking for more information on Wes’ line of the Martins. I will update as I know more. I do know these are my cousins, and that the Martin family lived in close proximity to extended relatives in Selma.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

1880 Census Perryville, AL: Caroline Ford Family

Name: Caroline Ford
Home in 1880: Perryville, Perry, Alabama
Age: 60
Estimated birth year: about 1820
Birthplace: Georgia
Relation to head-of-household: Self (Head)
Father's birthplace: Georgia
Mother's birthplace: Georgia
Occupation: Keeping House
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: Black
Gender: Female
Caroline Ford 60
Young Ford 19
Allice Ford 17
Ephraim Heard 3 (a grandson)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1917- 1918 Draft Registration Card No. #41, Columbus Ford

Name: Columbus Ford
Age: 23
Place Address: Felix, Alabama
Date of Birth: February 2, 1895
Citizenship: Natural Born
Place of Birth: Perry, Alabama
Occupation: Farming
Employer: Ed Curb
Where Employed: Perry County
Family: Wife and Two Children
Married or Single: Married
Race: African
Prior Military Service: None
Build: Medium Height, Medium Build
Eyes: Brown

Marriage: Paul & Laura Ford

Perry County, Alabama Marriage Records (1820-1894)

Radford, Laura married Ford, Paul on 8-Feb-1878 (recorded on page)A p.132

Paul and Laura Ford resided in Perryville, Alabama. Paul Ford was a farmer.

"For Africa to me... is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place." -- Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Welcome to In Our Hearts

Zechariah 10: 8-9,” I will call My people and gather them together. I will rescue them and make them as numerous as they used to be. Though I have scattered them among the nations, yet in far-off places they will remember Me. They and their children will survive and return home together.”
(Good News Bible: American Bible Society, 1976).

Welcome Family and Friends,

Through this page, I will show how the invisible connections between the past and the present shape our world, and our place (as individuals) in it.

Within each one of us is a legacy of memories, lessons, values and history passed down from those who walked before us. No matter how far you have traveled, or what separates you—the ties of family are intricately connected through the guiding hands of our ancestors watching over us. Sometimes the hands are gentle, other times the pull is strong. We are called to remember. We are called to teach our children from the lessons and experiences of family. We are called to question. We are called to open doors to healing. We are called to give voice to a forgotten past. We are all called by name, to return to the faded footsteps from which our very first steps began.

This web page is a tribute to the branches of my family tree(s): the Fords, Martins, Mortons, Green(e)s and all branches I have yet to discover. Through this page, I will share my own journey of how I was led to discover my past and reconnect with family. I also invite my family to contribute to this page, so that all our journeys can be shared. Please feel free to include anything you think is relevant—stories, pictures, recipes, genealogy, current events, etc. My vision is to create a family scrapbook, and have it printed. This page will be a foundation for what is put into the scrapbook. I need your input to make this possible! Feel free to e-mail me at any time with your contributions. I am flexible—and if you would rather not have your entry posted online that is fine, I will save the information for the scrapbook only. I look forward to hearing from you :)

My sincere gratitude goes out to my family. I thank all of you taking the time and effort to share with me. I thank my grandparents and ancestors for their efforts, dreams, and sacrifices. I wake up each morning with appreciation, and awe of how your work and love created such a life, such opportunities. I know we, as a family, have endured many hardships but faith, determination and love has seen us through. I have faith that God is working a special purpose through every experience, or as Mick says (grin), “We are built Ford tough!” I look forward to seeing this page grow.

The connection of one life to another brings the closeness of family into our relationships with others. As part of a greater purpose, what is learned within the family is to be shared; everything that is experienced in the family offers a lesson or insight. It is God’s design to open our hearts, to open our homes, and to open the circle of family (Hebrews 10:24), “Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another, to show love and do good.” My sincere gratitude goes out to my friends, thank you for your support and encouragement. We are not connected through blood but through spirit. I thank you for sharing this incredible journey with me. You are also welcome to contribute to this page—and be part of its growth.

In Joy & Peace, Lynn



Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery- Crawford, Morgan, Kenan

The Green, Martin, and Ford family lived throughout Dallas County in Valley Creek, Woodlawn, Summerfield and Selma. The history of my family begins in slavery, and has developed along farming, and the families whose land my ancestors worked.

Family stories say that my great-grandmother worked the Crawford Place. I have heard many of the Martins worked the Crawford Place. I found record that my great-grandmother worked as a cook, and lived close to the Crawfords on Rangeline Road in Valley Creek.

Family stories say the Green(e)s worked the Morgan Place in Valley Creek. I found record that my Green(e) relatives lived next to John and Vesta Morgan on Summerfield Road in Valley Creek.

The Martins are said to have worked in Kenan's Mill, grinding corn. The Green(e) lived in Summerfield near Kenan's Mill, on a farm.

This cemetary record of Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery includes plots from the Crawford, Morgan and Kenan families of Valley Creek.
These are the places my family would have worked and lived, along the gravel background leading into an isolated, wooded hamlet of farms. Other families in this cemetary include Waugh, Bondurant, Callen, Gilmer and others.

Special Thanks to Kay Pomeroy and Jean Pickering :)

This file was contributed and copyrighted by:
Kay Pomeroy

Jean Pickering

==================================================================== June 2003

Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery Dallas County, Alabama.
On Valley Creek Church Road, off State Hwy 22 North. When you come out of Selma on State Hwy 22 North right outside the city limits to the left is Valley Creek Church Road. Turn left on that road and go about four miles, The cemetery is on the right on a hill and you really have to watch for it or you will pass it.
Surveyed and recorded by Kay Pomeroy & Jean Pickering


Ada Melton wife of James Ellis Crawford Sept. 20, 1866 August 24, 1954. At rest Ada Melton Crawford.

James Ellis Crawford Nov. 26, 1859 Oct. 17, 1916. Dearest PAP thou hastleft us here thy loss we deeply feel but tis GOD who hath bereft us, He can allour sorrows heal.

Roy R. Morgan Pfc. US Army World War II May 15, 1916 Dec. 1, 1988.

John Lewis Morgan October 19, 1885 July 14, 1969

Vesta Crawford Morgan October 5, 1889 September 1, 1985

Infant son of John & Vesta Morgan Aug. 18, 1910

Row 6

James Kenan,
born 1808 in N.C. died 1874 in Ala.

Erected by his wife in memory of William K. Kenan, youngest son of Tho & Mary R. Kenan who was born in Duplin County North Carolina 27th of September 1819 died in Dallas County Alabama July 31st 1858. There is a voice which sorrow hears. When heaviest weighs life galling chains, tis heaven that whispers "dry your tears the pure in heart shall meet again" (on back) Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.

D.L. Kenan, 1816 1910 Son of Mary Rand and Col. Thomas Kenan.
(Mary Rand Kenan)

Victoria Corr, wife of Danial Love Kenan May 5, 1843 May 1, 1935
(Victoria Kenan)

William Owen Kenan, Feb. 9, 1869 Dec. 16, 1923

Thom- AN 1812
(This stone is broken next to the Kenan's)

Sarah L. Smith daughter of Col. Thomas and Sarah L. Kenan, who died the 20th of Nov. 1845 and composed firmly in the righteousness of Christ.

Sacred to the memory of our father Col. Thomas Kenan and our mother Mary Rand Kenan. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Col. Kenan was the son of Genl. James Kenan of Duplin County North Carolina. He was born on the 26th of Feb. 1771 and died on the 22nd of Oct. 1843 in the 73 year of his age. He frequently represented his native County in the Legislature and the Wilmington District in Congress. In Jan. 1833 He removed with his family to Dallas County Ala. where he resided at the time of his death. Mrs. Kenan was the daughter of John Rand and Elizabeth Hinton, she was born in Wake County North Carolina on the 17th of Jan. 1781 and died in Dallas County Ala. on the 21st of Sept. 1856 in the 76th year of her age.

J.S. Kenan F
eb. 25, 1806 May 11, 1898

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Lisa


Celebrating the special person you are to our family...
And your gift of humor, that keeps us all laughing
Since I can't make you a cake, I thought I would
leave with you with something that is
TaTa Licious...hehe.

Love, Lynn

TaTa Licious, 10 Year Struggle, Who IS the Father?

Note: In the first edition, TaTa Licious appeared on a talk show fighting over the father of her baby. After 10 years, will she finally discover who he is? An in-depth investigation by Ford News, Selasota.

TaTa Licious made one last appearance on the Jherri Po'lich show, it had taken ten years, and almost every last drop of blood in her body but she was finally going to discover the father of her child. It wasn't her fault TaTa didn't know...the lighting at the strip bar was dark, and when she slung her leg across that pole, she knocked her head pretty good...thankfully her kinky curls caught most of the fall but still she did see stars...

TaTa Licious squeezed into her smallest daisy dukes with the matching "I'm In LUV Wid a Stripper" halter. TaTa wore best weave--hot pink, she liked to think she looked like 'Lil Kim in it. And of course--the fuschia lipstick, couldn't forget that, had to wear at least six layers (her lips were a bit crusty but deep fried gator guts does that!). Baby was no longer a "baby"--but technically that didn't matter. Baby was 10 years old, juvenile deliquent, who was sick of being told "Not the Father!" whenever he wanted to hit someone up for some money. He was starting to believe his father was Santa Claus...

TaTa teetered onto the stage in her six inch high platform boots, her head of weave equally as high. She held out one skinny arm, dug in with needlemarks from all the DNA poking.
"No, No, No! That is not gonna work!", Jherri said, "There is no blood left in that chicken bone
arm of yours. I'm afraid we're gonna have to poke your butt."
The crowd gasped then screamed as TaTa dropped her drawers right then and there--they had seen plenty of skin on the show, but a woman with a tail..a TAIL! That was scandalous. Baby was so embarassed, he was about to run off to the North Pole. Jherri reeled back in disgust just then, Artay the bouncer hops on stage yelling... "I know that tail! I would remember that tail anywhere!"

See, back in the 80's, Artay thought he was the pimp. He wore silky suits, and fake purple leather shoes and listened to Public Enemy on his boom box. Problem was--Artay was not fooling anyone. He was a seasonal mall Santa...eating so many Twinkies and chocolate cups during the year that he was fat enough to be Santa. Then when he lost his job at the mall, he lost the weight while he starved, living under a bridge... TaTa didn't think Artay was her type (she has high standards!) but something went horribly wrong--TaTa would claim the triple splitz she did that night so long ago tore a ligament right through her brain. Artay would claim his pimpin suit was not strong enough to "Fight the Power"... In any case, after a really wild night, and 10 years of DNA testing the truth was about to be revealed...


Baby was right, his father IS Santa. TaTa Licious finally had found her man... And Artay found a woman who could cook for him during the year. For once the Jherri Po'lich Show had a happy ending...well at least for 30 seconds...but that's another story.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Records of Freed Slaves Go Online-AP

Thanks to Lynne and my Friends at Generation Mixed for posting this article!


In Richmond, Virginia records from the Freedmen's Bureau will be put online to help African-Americans retrace their family history, more than 20,000 images will be digitized.